The aim here is to surf the ocean swell downwind to lift off with a race supfoil and glide off as far as possible. This type of practice is a little more restrictive as it requires the right logistics and weather forecast, but what a feeling it is to glide above the swell with nothing more than a SUP and a paddle.

The shape of the OCEAN 10’ is not only restricted to downwind racing but is also suited to surfing outside reefs. It becomes possible to catch and surf the waves that rise further offshore and then paddle back to the peak after a long surf, even if that’s going upwind. Race Supfoiling becomes a mix of navigating and flying. What kind of board is required to take-off on a downwinder and what kind of board is required to maintain flight as long as possible?

We have opted for a length of 10’ to get enough speed to catch the swell and bumps, while remaining light and compact enough for the behavior in flight. Here again, starting from such a blank page, we were able to unleash our design experience and get out of the beaten tracks.

Outline, volume, rocker, hull and nose shape are all previously unseen on a racing SUP board. Box location and feet position have been optimized for an early lift off to maximize your enjoyment and the distance with your trailing competitors.

10’0’’ x 26 » 305 x 66 Cm 151 L 8.1 Kg*

*indicative value, subject to small variations due to the custom manufacturing process.


This surf hybrid (aluminium-carbon) foil is made to lift off as early as possible on a wave, an outside reef or soft wave. Its maneuverability and controlled accelerations provide good steering to remain in the right section of the wave when surfing.

The Foil is made of:
– Mast Aluminium 75cm
– Front Wing Carbon Surf / Freeride 1000cm²
– Fuselage SST Carbon Freeride 42cm
– Stabilizer Carbon Freeride 300cm²
– Deep KF-Box

Accessible and really progressive, the F-ONE FOIL is the new weapon of choice to not only ride, but truly fly over the water.

Foiling is more than a new discipline; it’s a whole new world. The F-ONE foil has been developed with the most experienced foil riders and every element of the foil has been designed to deliver the best imaginable experience out on the water whether you about to start or if you already master the magic of foiling.

With innovation deeply rooted into its DNA, the F-ONE team has worked tirelessly to design, engineer, test and optimize this new piece of equipment. The shapes and profiles have been carefully selected and optimized by F-ONE’s in-house naval architect and the foil assembly concept was completely thought back towards ease of use.